Our CEE-J virtual machines have been deployed worldwide in tens of millions of devices ranging from video conferencing and office printers in the business sector to set-top boxes, home automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the consumer market. CEE-J is available with and without graphics, and offers resource management APIs that allow you to remotely manage resources on your device. We have a solution for all of your needs.

Home Automation with embedded java house


Home Monitoring & Control

  • CEE-J’s compact scalable architecture enables deployment on legacy and new devices
  • Support for OSGi and proprietary application frameworks for the smart home, for monitoring, control and automation
  • Skelmir partners with the leading standards providers in this space – which accelerates time to market for your products
  • Examples of products include gateways, security, energy, and eHealth devices

Smart TV with embedded java device
TV and Set Top Box Solutions

  • CEE-J supports standards-based middleware including MHP, OCAP/Tru2Way, Ginga, ARIB-J, and other high deployment proprietary TV solutions
  • Flexible and powerful graphics features drive compelling EPGs and Calls to Revenue features for consumers – ideal for Video On Demand, advertising, and online applications
  • Leverage the same powerful VM platform across all of your Set Top Box architectures
  • Over-the-air updates made simple and secure
  • Examples of products include Satellite, Cable, IPTV, Hybrid, Terrestrial, and Over-The-Top (OTT)

Business embedded systems java building


Office Equipment

  • CEE-J enables the development of intuitive and clear front panel displays
  • Networking support for server based printer operations – e.g. Google Drive
  • Enablement platform for enterprise business connectivity
  • Flexible Graphics Sub-System for picture overlay
  • Examples of products include multi-function printers, video conferencing, and routers

Proprietary and IoT embedded applications

Internet of Things (IoT)

  • CEE-J supports proprietary and standards-based application frameworks
  • Rapid time to market
  • Solid, secure, and dynamic platform for IoT designs
  • Remotely control the VM and deploy updates; remotely manage and control device resources using CEE-J APIs
  • Examples of device product categories include Fleet Management, Machine Control, Point of Sale, and IoT

Your embedded systems java device

Your Product

  • Optimizations for speed and size on the most widely used OS and CPU combinations
  • Availability with and without Graphics Sub-System
  • Fully integrated Graphics Sub-System enabling multi-language, animated graphics development with hardware acceleration support
  • Support for proprietary and standards-based application frameworks and middleware
  • Rapid development and prompt support by Skelmir’s expert engineering team. We become a part of your team and your effort to optimize your solution