Celebrating 20 Years

CEE-J embedded virtual machines have been powering Java innovations since 1998.

CEE-J® Resource Management

The latest release of CEE-J includes new resource management capabilities, accessible through a new API, making it easier to do many things—including budgeting resource usage for new features, and measuring actual resource usage during design and development—all within the constraints of any embedded system or device.

The new CEE-J API for resource management allows developers to monitor and control system and hardware resources such as processing time, heap memory, networking resources, file handles and Java threads on devices. Licensees who are using the latest version of CEE-J can begin leveraging these capabilities immediately. Read on for answers to anticipated questions and more...

Why Resource Management?

As you may know, for environments in which a virtual machine hosts more than one Java application, it is frequently necessary to monitor and possibly limit the resources (CPU, memory, threads, networking) for each application so that they can coexist harmoniously.

What Does the CEE-J Resource Management API Offer?

The CEE-J resource management API provides the framework and tools to enable application developers to control resources on a thread, thread group or even a classloader basis.

Low Overhead Approach

In the dynamic environment of IoT solutions, CEE-J provides a way to monitor and control the use of precious resources. Developers and engineers recognize a central challenge with resource management is finding a way to implement a feature that gives you control over a limited resource, without affecting execution speed or requiring a lot of memory.

The CEE-J resource management API was specifically constructed with those needs, and low overhead, in mind—everything is built into the core VM and ready to be used without writing any native code.

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