News from IFA Berlin

Skelmir® attended the IFA event in Berlin on 31st August through 3rd September. IFA is the largest Consumer Electronics show outside the USA and provides a timely event for global buyers to place orders for the upcoming holiday season. IFA is a showcase for new products across all consumer electronics markets. 

Skelmir was delighted to be attending with its partner Imont who hosted a 1-day booth in the "IFA Next, The Edge of Innovation” hall on the 2nd of September.

Imont’s Java-based “Cloudless" and “Hubless” solution for IoT/Home Automation continues to strike a positive chord with those in the industry, including existing cloud-based users and new entrants looking to create a price competitive solution not easily achievable with cloud products.

Skelmir’s technology strengths enable solutions like Imont’s to be deployed on a wide range of home consumer products, even low end, resource constrained devices such as IP connected cameras.

By Graham Nice