Mobile World Congress


Imont demos cloudless IoT solution with Skelmir's CEE-J® VM at MWC'19

Skelmir is pleased to be exhibiting with our partner Imont at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.  Imont’s new Hybrid-Edge IoT Platform uses Skelmir’s CEE-J® VM to offer an end-to-end IoT platform solution.  

The Imont solution controls networked cameras, thermostats, plug switches, lights, and door locks using a simple phone app. All communications are local and cloudless, offering increased speed and low cost for high volume deployments, even on low end, resource-constrained devices. Imont is demonstrating their unique cloudless and hubless IoT software solution running on the Skelmir CEE-J® VM embedded in an IP camera from Hanwha Techwin.  

Skelmir’s ability to enable the Imont Java-based solution on embedded edge devices offers many significant cost, security, and scalability advantages.  It provides the security consumers demand and the savings on cloud costs that telecom and other service providers need to be able to grow their markets and offer more ‘sticky’ services to keep their customers. 

Larry Poon, COO of Imont, says “By partnering with Skelmir we are able to get up and running very quickly on our customers’ devices. Skelmir’s VM technology and the support from their technical team allows us to accelerate our customer engagements and help get them to market and revenue as quickly as possible.” 

The Imont Hybrid-Edge IoT Platform offers unparalleled benefits for smart home, smart industry, and smart city projects.  Contact to find out how the experienced teams at Skelmir and Imont can solve your most difficult and expensive IoT deployment problems and visit for further information.