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News from Smart IoT London

Skelmir participated on the IMONT booth at The Smart IoT event in London on 21-22 March.  Skelmir’s CEE-J VM was part of an alternative approach showcased by IMONT,  to Cloud based/Big Data solutions. Being cloudless and hubless, IMONT’s Java based IoT framework significantly reduces the cost of delivering IoT solutions into the home or factory environment. It also addresses concerns around security of data in the cloud, by not using a cloud, and improving performance and reliability as all the functionality is performed on the ‘Edge’.

Smart IoT London focused primarily on back-end infrastructure to deliver IoT solutions – big data analytics, machine learning and how to expand into new income streams by becoming a data-centric business. The majority of the exhibitors at the event were showing Cloud, Data and Network Security solutions.  IMONT was addressing that critical component of how to reliably and cost effectively deliver in high volume industrial and consumer scenarios.

IMONT was showing a demonstration of their technology running on the Skelmir CEE-J VM embedded in a D-Link G300 gateway and controlling networked IP Camera, Thermostat, Plug Switch, Lights and Door Lock using a simple phone app. All communications were local to the demo – no cloud meant it was fast and remains low cost for high volume deployments.

Skelmir’s ability to deliver optimized virtual machines to host Java based applications on Edge gateway and IoT devices make it possible to bring low cost IoT solutions to the masses.

By Graham Nice

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