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There is a truth in America that many of us do not experience but one that far too many know firsthand: Hunger. It’s unfathomable that 41 million people are food insecure in the United States of America. Forty-one MILLION people may not know where their next meal will come from! That’s insane and it’s hidden from so many of us.

It’s hidden, but it’s there. It’s in inner cities. It's in rural communities. It's in affluent suburbs, cities, towns and neighborhoods across our nation. Of those 41 million people, 13 million of them are children under the age of 18. THIRTEEN MILLION CHILDREN don’t have consistent access to nutritious food sources.

WE can do better. We MUST do better! And while we work to fix the systemic faults in our society that have led us to this tragic reality, we are thankful there is help for those who face hunger today, tonight or tomorrow.

Skelmir has partnered with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Thanks to donations and support from businesses, government organizations and individuals like you, the Feeding America network of food banks, food pantries and meal programs serves every county in the United States.

Even more, 99% of all donations raised by Feeding America go directly into programs serving people in need. Because of this efficiency, they are able to turn every $1 raised into 10 nutritious meals served.
$1 = 10 stomachs filled
$1 = 10 children NOT going to bed hungry tonight
$1 = 10 children getting a healthy, nourishing meal at school so that they can concentrate, learn and thrive

WE can do this, $1 at a time. Let’s get started today!

Our hope is to provide 200,000 meals to people in need in the U.S. and that means raising $20,000. To help us get there, Skelmir will match $2 for each of the first $5,000 donated, up to $10,000. It’s a drop in the bucket, but each of those 200,000 people will see it as far more.

Please join us in our fight to help feed America.

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Connections 2018

Skelmir® was exhibiting with IMONT at the Connections US event hosted by Parks Associates in San Francisco on 22-24 of May.   As advertised, the Connections US event is “The Premier Connected Home Conference”.  For more than 30-years, Parks Associates has focused on providing market intelligence on the Connected Home.   Their conferences are always on point with a wide range of technology providers for this market.   The attendees always include a relevant mix of industry technologists and high-profile executives.

Partnering with Skelmir, IMONT was demoing their unique cloudless and hubless IoT software solution.   The founders and engineering team from IMONT have a long track record of successful home IoT deployments.   Skelmir’s ability to enable the IMONT Java-based solution on low-end embedded edge devices offers many significant advantages.

IMONT was showing a demonstration of their technology running on the Skelmir CEE-J® VM embedded in a Raspberry Pi gateway and controlling networked IP Camera, Thermostat, Plug Switch, Lights and Door Lock using a simple phone app. All communications were local to the demo – no cloud meant it was fast and remains low cost for high volume deployments.

Skelmir’s ability to deliver optimized virtual machines to host Java applications on Edge gateway and IoT devices make it possible to bring low cost IoT solutions to the masses.

There are a number of problems associated with traditional cloud-based home IoT solutions including: security, reliability, scalability and cost effectiveness.   IMONT and Skelmir attracted  notable interest from service providers and IoT solution providers alike who are  hungry for a game-changing approach to bring success to the home IoT market.

By Chris Hausner

IoT World 2018

Skelmir® attended the exhibits for the IoT World event in Santa Clara on 14-17 of May.   This is the 3rd year Skelmir has attended the IoT World exhibits.  The event also hosted track seminars targeting various vertical markets like eHealth, AI, autonomous vehicles, industrial IoT, etc.    The following commentary is focused on what was being shown in the exhibit hall and trends on the IoT technology as it evolved over the past 3 years.

The exhibit hall showcased vendors spanning the spectrum of the IoT market including:
•    Networking solutions for IoT using WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE, and LoRa (with a wide range of functionality and costs)
•    Sensor technologies
•    Middleware offerings that included the gathering of information, database solutions, analytical solutions and graphical modeling
•    Cloud-based options from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft
•    Data security employing various encryption and network monitoring techniques

Coming from the software industry, Skelmir is best suited to comment on the software/middleware solutions.   In past years most of the software solutions focused on gathering and piping data to the cloud for storage and analysis. It is apparent the industry is starting to see the challenges associated with these cloud-based solutions, not the least being the costs of data storage (especially for irrelevant data), network reliability and latency, and data security.

What was noticeable this year was a trend towards less reliance on the cloud. The industry is seeing value in moving data collection and processing down from the cloud to the edge. At the same time, technology is driving down the cost of processing power and memory at the edge. There were a number of new solutions from existing companies offering database, analytics, and data modeling on edge gateways.   These solutions only use the cloud when it is necessary for specific cloud-centric purposes such as accessing filtered information for remote monitoring, control and analysis.

The Java language continues to serve as a strong application foundation for building edge IoT solutions.  Skelmir’s ability to deliver optimized virtual machines to host Java applications on Edge gateway and IoT devices make it possible to bring low cost IoT solutions to the masses.

By Chris Hausner

Skelmir & IMONT team up

Silicon Labs interview with Larry Poon of IMONT and Graham Nice of Skelmir. Learn more about cloudless and hubless IoT options.


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